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Server 2008 R2
Server 2008 R2 Beta is now out

Server 2008 is based on the same code as Windows Vista, but with Windows 7 creeping up on us with its modifyed Vista code, Windows Server needs a new version too.

So instead of creating a whole new OS (Windows Server 2009 FTW), they will do the same thing they did with Server 2003 when the new NT code was released. Make a major update, and no its not free.

Server 2008 R2 will update all the old *Vista* codes with the new *7* codes (I still find the name "7" stupid, why 7? Mac is 10, why cant we have a number grater then mac? Windows 11 any one?)

If any one is also intrested I can supply a R2 ISO in some time, just PM me. But that is not the reason why this thread was made, it was made to inform you about the new things happening in the world in which we all work in.


P.S. also please do NOT email me with ISO requests, I will only take requests via PMs with the Subject Line "Server 2008 R2".
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