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Smart Installer by realchamp
I will remove it, add it agian and I will download it first Big Grin Big Grin Toungue BEAT IT!
Updated to version 1.2 Smile

Check out the updates for changes.

After having a million errors, I finally fixed them all! (I hope)

Anything you'd like to have in V1.3? Smile
Realchamp talk to me about setting up an interface, a nice fancy and maybe web based one
Veloci Servers
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What do you mean about a webbased one? Smile

I already designed a GUI and I'm already coding it.

Here's some pictures. This is the install page:
[Image: install.jpg]

I still need some more pages. And hopefully I can release Version 1.3 soonly + sourcecode.

This is a list of functions as far as I calculated I can do.
  • Select your installing patch. There'll be such a menu, for the user to choose where to install it. And all scripts(update and batch) will be automaticly installed there. If so the users allows it to do it.
  • An updater script.
  • Mooga's batch script for ALL games.
  • A nicely server.cfg for all games.
  • A FAQ for plugins in Counter-Strike: Source. Just the basic about all plugins. I'm not know with plugins to other games, so PM them to me. And I will Google them abit to get some knowlegde.
  • And hopefully an installer to plugins and mods. There will be in a nice .dll file, that will be loaded, if so the user selects to load it. (In the program). This file will contain everything with the plugins, mods and everything else regarding plugins. The .dll's sourcecode will be shared too.
I like the mod idea and script. The others will just confuse people, I think Wink

But can someone list me the most propular mods for all games? Like for Counter-Strike: Source, it would be like:
  • Mani Admin Plugin
    No I won't do it for that. I will use SourceMod!

Since I don't know any other plugins for the other games. Only DoD: S
I think just sourcemod and eventscript and just the base install of these will be good
Okay. I will try to create the idea I have in my head now. And give you all a preview soonly. Man why do I have to go in school Sad Takes all my damn time.
That would be an idea.

But I just realized C++ sucks to graphic coding.

So I'm starting slowly up on C# to finish version 1.3 Smile
God this tool has saved my arse

Thanks :p

I'm currently just in the final stage of realising v1.3 + (v1.4)sourcecode.

However it's still a console application Smile
sounds good, will check back every cupple of days
A new release is out! Please report ANY bugs immediately.
will we be seeing a gui version soon?
[Image: 3386928252.png]
Maybe. But it's A HELL lot of work. Thus I have to learn a completely new language(C#) since I realized C++ sucks very very much to GUI or Forms as it is. And the actual only reason it's better to use a GUI is that it looks nicer. In the reality, the console application is much better and faster Toungue


I'd release 1.4 right now, if the console application didn't crash due to I tried to make alot of functions Toungue

But I would probably fix it soonly.

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