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How High Should Headlights Be Aimed?
1. Motor vehicles (except transport tractors) in the test headlights low beam irradiation position, headlights at 25 feet from the screen, the height of the midpoint of the beam should be 2-4 inches downward offset from the headlight's reference center height, its horizontal position to the left and right offset shall not exceed 100mm.

2. If the vehicle is a dual-beam light with high beam and low beam, the low beam light is the mainly adjusted. Adjusting your low beams will also reset your high beams to where they should be, as most cars don’t have a separate adjustment for the high beams. But for lamps that only can adjust the single beam with high beam light, adjust it directly.

3. You can always check the owner's manual of your model or Lighting Inspection Code for low beam cut-off height adjustment to get the standard lighting.

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thanks for the info. it was helpful for me

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