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Healthy Eating - Best Food Choices For Healthy Skin
Method: Wash, clean all veggies and chop finely. Take a bowl and mix all veggies in it. Take a brown bread and evenly spread mayonnaise on it. Heat a pan and brush it with little butter. Put the bread in the pan and cover it with the veggies mix. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on it. Put a cheese slice on top and cover it with another piece of bread. Cook from both the sides until slightly dark brown. Serve with Ketchup on the side.

These recipes are both easy to make and nutritious and can become one of the favorite foods for your two year old. To make sure your kids eat well it is important to put in little extra Epishield Plus Review effort and make food visually appealing. You can use a cookie cutter to give parathas or sandwiches a fun shape and make it look attractive.

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