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Everything You Need To Know About Brakes Lights
A considerable number of vehicles on the road still adopt the same mechanism that their predecessors adopted several years ago. Most vehicles have a switch on a brake pedal. Alternatively, there is a hydraulic switch mounted on the master cylinder or a brake line. Moreover, there's a 12V power source sitting safely inside a fuse on one side of the aforesaid switch.
The power transmits to the brake lights go to site the other side every time you press down on the brake pedal. The circuit completes and closes, causing the brake light bulbs to turn on. It is important to understand how they work so that drivers will know how to troubleshoot issues that crop up from time to to view listing >
Burnt Out Bulb
Why did my brake lights stop working? A burnt-out bulb may be the culprit if your brake lights won't turn on. Every time you put your foot on the brake, the bulb illuminates. Some drivers are used to keeping their foot resting on the brake, especially when stuck in heavy traffic. These may lead to a burnt-out bulb.
If this is the case, your solution is to simply replace the bulb. It is no secret that LED brake light bulbs to last relatively longer than bulbs. If you drive an older vehicle that uses a bulb for the brake lights that are no longer turning on, you might want to consider replacing them to fix the issue. Popping out and replacing a bulb is quite simple, and usually requires only a basic set of tools.
Broken Or Damaged Brake Light Switch
When you push the brake pedal, a switch is activated. This switch sends a signal to the light that its time to turn on. Regrettably, analog switches are likely to get dirty over time. As a result, they fail to contact and send out the right signal. Moreover, replacing the switch isn't an arduous task. Even your mechanic can determine such issues without breaking a sweat.
However, in case all three brake lights aren't turning on, it is highly unlikely that all three bulbs died at the same time. In such a case, there is a possibility that the issue is related to the brake light switch.

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