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Use Low Beam Lights
#1 Use Low Beam Lights
When driving in fog you should use low beam headlights of your vehicle as the high beams are not effective in certain bad weather conditions. Usually, when the weather condition is good, high beam lights make it easier for the drivers to see.

However, when it's raining heavily or there’s a huge cloud of fog, then the high beam headlights are going to reflect the water particles and make them look even denser. Moreover, if you are stuck in foggy weather, you can use the click here that are made for such bad weather conditions.

#2 Keep Windshield Clear
This might sound like something very obvious to do but many drivers avoid cleaning their windshield when driving in foggy weather. As a driver, you should not only clean your windshield when it's raining but also when there’s a lot of fog. Keeping the windshield clean will ensure that you have clear visibility and see minor details on the road in a better way.

#3 Make Use Of Interior Defrost Function
Fog can be seen usually in areas with high humidity. This is the reason why drivers should use their vehicle’s interior defrost function as it allows the inside of the car's windows to dry up easily. Also, you should avoid using any cloth to wipe the windows from the inside as it will make windows look blurry.
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