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Many people are against changes and alternatives in the educational sphere, but, fortunately, their number is low. Those who attend will agree that new educational programs are what can completely change the educational experience and make it even better. Children living and studying in Santa Clara Unified School District have the opportunity to be enrolled in MillikinSchool. It’s another elementary school located in Sonoma Place, Santa Clara. If you think that it’s just an ordinary institution for elementary schoolers; however, it's a school with its own philosophy, principles, and goals.
The key objective of the school is to teach academic skills and instill healthy study habits in each individual to make their future life easier. considers that parents’ role in children’s academic growth is very important. Parents are responsible for the development of their children, and those whose children are studying at Millikin School understand it. Children develop outstanding skills in reading, writing, speaking, and math; prepare for the STAR testing and do it all in a comfortable environment.
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