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Why is HLDS updating/verifying every startup?
I'm not sure if this is a recent change, or if it's just something I haven't noticed, but every time HLDS is run (or restarted due to a crash), it runs steamcmd to update/verify the installation, without any parameters that ask it to do so (parameters pasted at the bottom of this thread).

It wasn't so much an issue before, but in the past month or so it has started replacing my liblist.gam file (and as I also use reHLDS it's replaced those files too). Not long before today it would usually not update/validate after some time, then start randomly doing it again, but now it's doing it every single start/restart.

I tried editing the hlds_run file to comment out all abilities to run an update but to no avail. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? A solution would be greatly appreciated as this is affecting all of my Linux TFC servers.

./hlds_run -console -game tfc -port {{REMOVED}} +maxplayers 32 +map 2fort -strictportbind -norestart -insecure
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