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SRCDS not loading game
OS: Debian 11
Game: garrysmod
Startup command: "-game garrysmod -port 7934 -clientport 7019 -maxplayers 16 +map gm_flatgrass +gamemode fluffy_dodgeball +hostname "NFT Project Agones" -console -norestart +sv_setsteamaccount xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Unfortunately, I can't give all the basic info as the servers are being hosted on a kubernetes cluster with digital ocean with Agones as a manager. I'm not entirely sure if this is an issue regarding Docker/Kubernetes but I'm checking to see if there is anything in regards to srcds that could be fixed. I'm not using a script to boot the server, it's being booted up from another process but it appears srcds_run is booting 'fine'. I've had situations where it works on and off, but it seems when it doesn't work the game isn't being loaded. Nothing in regards to Garry's mod is being outputted in the logs and a lot more void of information, mostly seems like it's getting ready to communicate with steam. I'll post the entire srcds logs in the post.

Thanks for any help, I can provide any additional information if needed.

[Image: 11_07_2021_08_01_33_AM_WindowsTerminal_lH1F1pE5hn.png]

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