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The Ship: SRCDS Erasing Contents Of Maps Download List

Since last weekend I've been trying to get a Fast DL server to work in order for my The Ship Murder Party events server to be able to use the 3 custom maps which have been made for this game without excluding players who don't have them: Fawlty Towers, Hindenburg and Lyonesse.

Yesterday I found out the server generated Download List files for these custom maps are empty. Even when I add the missing file paths to a custom map's download list file as soon as I tell my server to load the map its DL files contents is erased.

I have correctly specified the DL paths, for example here simply specifying local paths when I've tried to make my server simply provide the files itself without using a FastDL server:


My server is launched from the SRCDS GUI interface rather than from a command line command.

Has anyone experienced this problem with a SRCDS server before?

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