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The Famous Epic in Tibet
"The Biography of King Gesar" tells a story: a long time ago, natural and man-made disasters spread across Tibetan areas, demons and monsters were rampant, and the people of Li people were poisoned. The merciful and compassionate Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva asked Amitabha to send the son of the gods to the world to cast demons in order to bring all living beings out of the sea of suffering. The son of God Tupa Kava made a vow to go to Tibet to become the king of the black-haired Tibetans—that is, King Gesar. In order to enable Gesar to fulfill his sacred mission of subduing demons and subduing demons, restraining the strong and supporting the weak and benefiting the people, the authors of the epic gave him special character and extraordinary talents, shaping him into Shenlong Nian (a kind of primitive Tibetan religion). Li Shen) A half-human and half-god hero who is one of the three. After Gesar came to the world, he was framed many times, but due to his own power and protection from the gods, not only did he not be poisoned, but he killed the evil monsters and ghosts.
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