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[Resolved] The Ship Ubuntu Server VPS Can't Load Map & Recognise Startup Commands
I've installed a The Ship server in Ubuntu Server 20.04.2 in Virtual Box on my PC and it starts up loading the level and awaiting players with the only unknown startup command being "startupmenu". Yet now I've hired an Ubuntu Server virtual private server with the same OS version, to run a The Ship server I'm getting many other unknown startup command error messages and its failing to load maps. I've setup both these servers with the same command line setup commands and with steamcmd validating that there's nothing wrong with the downloaded file for The Ship on my VPS.

I've not installed SourceMod and Metamod on these servers.

So can anyone think of a possible cause for how one of my Ubuntu Server steamcmd server installs is failing to recognise the startup commands required to load maps? When the other install which should be identical is not having these errors?

I will setup FTP software on my server tomorrow to upload its .steam home directory folder to my PC so that I can then use Meld Merge to compare this directory with the .steam directory from my Virtual Box install.
Well I see one guy who attempted to host a The Ship server on an Ubuntu VPS had the same error messages and failed to have a map load up on his server:

I will try using a different Linux Distribution on my VPS and if this solves this problem I will post the solution here of which distribution solved it.
I've solved this problem by installing a The Ship server on my VPS using the CentOS 8 Linux distribution.

There are loads of error messages loading batavier for static props missing vphysics models but I've read somewhere such errors don't necessarily matter for static props. And there are four Dynamic props with missing sequences but if this just means a ceiling fan won't spin for example its a bug which won't matter to me as server host whose server is going to be empty most of the time when its not hosting events.

I will compare these files to their flawless Windows Server counterparts to see if they are fixable and I if I can get a Linux server running well I will make a Steam guide for how to setup cheap good performance Linux VPS servers for The Ship.

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