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Network problems
Its been a while but i am back, trying to setup fresh servers, starting with csgo through steamcmd.
I didn't get far, as there are trouble getting the server public.
I port forwarded many times before and successfully setup multiple of servers, but now after a week of failure and unable to find a solution, I hope someone is willing to try and assist me solving this problem. 

Here is what I have tried..
Setting static ip
Allowing ports through firewall
Disabling antivirus software and firewall
Trying with a different router
Installing fresh server files
Setting up with other ports than default

Yet i cant get anyone to join from the outside. Something seem to be blocking me the port being opened. I have tried with a rust server as well, however the same issue occur.. Hope someone can help!
Checking the port from, it tells me that the port is not open, neither closed, but "filtered",
A port is marked as "filtered" when the packets are sent to that port, however packet filtering (e.g., firewall) prevents the packets from reaching that port.
I talked with my ISP and they told me, it should be possible to portforward without any problems. I do however suspect its isp related, since i have no firewall on my pc that blocks it?
Could it be sort of a firewall on my router? Im out of options and need help, anyone?
Problem was that my ip was set to dynamic private ip address, called the IPS and had them change it to public ip address

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