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Lan Server no longer showing in server list HL2mp
win10 pro 64bit

AMD Ryzen7 3700X 8 core 3.59GHz
16 GB DDR4
D;\hl2mp\srcds.exe -console -game hl2mp +maxplayers 8 +exec server.cfg +map dm_overwatch
Metamod 1.10.7  SourceMod

I use this lan server for testing mods and maps on my network.  about a week or so ago the server stopped showing in the server list for lan.  The server is running fine and is updated showing version 5394425.  I cannot connect to it from either of my two win10 pro machines.  I am not sure if one of the Steam updates or WIN updates has broken it.  My friend gaming friend in another state has the same problem with his server and we both have used them many times for testing.  I even fired up two of my old Win7 machines and loaded a srcds hl2mp server on them and they seem to have the same problem.  Has anyone else noticed this in the last two weeks or so?  Like I said the server runs fine just no one can see it to join Sad

Thanks for any help

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