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zBlock team money show
After following the instructions on making zBlock show the team money automatically each round (, I still can't get the money to show up automatically each round.
Here is what I've done:
-Set zb_allowcashcalling to 2 in the zblock.cfg and zb_comp.cfg
-I've set setinfo zb_wantautocashcalling 1 in my autoexec.cfg
I can only see the money if I type zb_teamcash on console every time, or if i bind a key to that comand and press it, but the idea is to not need to do so.
Am I missing something? I've tested this with only bots on my team and another bot on the enemy team.

Using srcds for Counter-Strike:Source on ubuntu 20.04 with zBlock v4.7.3
Also using mmsource-1.10.7-git971-linux and sourcemod-1.10.0-git6478-linux.

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