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Missing map disconnecting Host_Error: Map is missing
I was asked as a favor to put together a TF2 server for a youth group for a tournament. It didn't need to be a permanent thing so I didn't think it made sense to rent a server long term, though after spending several days researching SRCDS and setting it up I'm tempted to leave my server up 24/7 in the future if I can get it properly working. I've got a beefy computer with plenty of processing power to spare and I intend to replace this box this Fall with a new 10th gen top of the line Intel Processor and a 3080 video card when Nvidia drops them this Fall.

I can see my server in the TF2 Server Browser. I can connect from my game/client to the server. I put in some custom materials, sounds, etc. from a plugin to test that they can download. They do just fine. But maps will not download, even small maps that are 7 MB. The maps are in C:\tf2_server\tf\maps as BSP files, as well as .BZ2 compressed versions. I'm reading that sv_downloadurl is optional for fast downloads. Everything works except downloading maps from SRCDS to the game client for some reason. If I run a map I already have in my local TF2 folder I can connect to the server, play with bots for testing, etc (I made navmeshes for all my maps so I can test with bots).

I don't know what I just can't get maps to download.

So I looked for a free web hosting provider and uploaded maps there, and the provided deleted all the files because anything over 20 MB is presumed to be piracy. So I looked for a new web hosting provider that promised no file size limits, except in practice they did the same thing and deleted most of my maps over 20 MB after I uploaded them.

So then I found a paid web hosting service and paid for a year (even though the TF2 server may be temporary) and they insisted they don't have file size limits, and yet larger maps disappear after a while from the map folder once again, leading me to the believe they're doing the same thing.

Here is my setup. Can you find any reason why I can't get maps from SRCDS to the game client when everything else transfers?

Are there sourcemod or other types of plugins that would allow me to use a cloud provider or another solution for maps?

Are there any public map repositories I can point to with sv_downloadurl? I grabbed a collection of the most popular maps so I wouldn't be shocked if many other servers are already hosting these, and some players already have them downloaded locally.

What are my options?

I'm also open to any other generic advice for making a great TF2 server that people will want to play on. Sadly right now I'm unable to get SourceComms, SourceBans++, etc working because the paid web server has a MySQL database but they only allow localhost connections from the web pages, and no external connections to the DB so SRCDS running on my desktop can't talk to that SQL server (which wasn't disclosed on their page and I found out after paying for the service).

I don't mind leaving SRCDS running in the background 24/7 and my computer is set to never sleep but I don't know if I want to run a public facing web server and MySQL server on my desktop leaving myself open to hackers/exploits.


Server OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: i7-8700k overclocked
Ram: 32 GB
Game(s): TF2
Start Up Command: start /high /wait C:\tf2_server\srcds.exe -console -game tf +sv_pure 0 +randommap +maxplayers 32 ip +sv_cheats 0 +sv_lan 0 -nohltv -nocrashdialog -autoupdate -debug -gdb
Admin Mods: Any admin mods that are being used such as Mani, SourceMod, MetaMod, and BeetlesMod

I have Gigabit internet and I don't think I have any bandwidth issues
Local IP of Server: This will generally be a
External IP:
Port Forwarding Screen Shot:
If you are hosting and playing on the same computer please read: I am testing from the same box I'm running SRCDS from but I'm mainly hosting the servers for others. But I've followed guides to make sure port forwarding and my firewall are set correctly.

Here is my full server.cfg -

Relevant snippet:

sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowupload 1 // Allow clients to upload customizations files
sv_allowdownload 1 // Allow clients to download files
net_maxfilesize 64

You can see map files are all on the webserver:

Some maps will download and some won't. It is weird.
If this is a serious request I hope the community can help you. Unfortunately I don't have an answers for you. Maybe someone reads this and reply to you
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