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Gmod dedicated server port forwarding and code help
So i made my own server not gone with a company or service as i don't want to pay but im stuck with the port forwarding
i use Virgin media Hub 3.0

Settings i need help with

Local IP
Local start Port
Local end port
External start port i have 27005
External end port i have 27005
protocol are on both UDP and TCP
and enabled is set to on

I also need help with this so im starting my start.bat and for some reason i keep getting this error (Screenshot provided)
and it's maybe because i deleted a past workshop item as it didn't work when i tested in my server and in the start.bat it shows the swb weapons but i deleted it and can't find the files in garrys mod workshop files or anywhere.

Please someone get in touch i really need to fix this.

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(11-05-2020, 12:02 AM)Max44 Wrote:  Now, the very first step for this is finding your Default Gateway Address. Unfortunately, i can only give instructions on this in Windows Operating Systems; OSX (Mac) and Linux are completely unknown to me. Firstly, open the command prompt program (for a shortcut, press Windows+R and type "cmd" (without quotes) into the box that opens). Now, type in "ipconfig", it should come up with a lot of text. The only thing we are interested in at the moment is the "Default Gateway". It should be something like ***.***.*.* (replacing the *s with numbers).

Once you have these numbers, open your preferred internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc.) and type these numbers into the address bar. Leave cmd open, we'll need it later.

It should ask you for a username and password. By default, the username is "admin" and the password is "password" (of course, without quotes). If someone has changed this, you will either have to ask someone on your network or guess it. If "admin" and "password" have worked, it should come up with a menu of different options.

On the left-hand side it should have more options, locate and select the one that says "Port Forwarding". It should come up with a table of options. In a section called "Add new forwarding rule", it has a table of things for the ports. For the title of this new forwarding "rule", type "gmodserver". Next it should have "Starting Port" and "Ending Port", set both of these to "27015".
Next, it should have a "protocol" selection menu. Click on the drop down list and select "UDP". Now, if you have followed these instructions correctly and there have been no incompatibilities between your modem/router and these instructions, there should be one section left, "Local IP Address". (If there are any problems with this part and you'd like to send me a bug report, do NOT type in the specific numbers for yours.) Reopen cmd if you closed it, and look for the part that says "IPv4 Address" (it might say "IPv6", depending on your PC).
Ignore the main numbers, just take the last number and put it into the box in "Local IP Address" in your internet browser. Now, if all of these instructions are compatible with your modem/router, click "Add". If successful, you have just forwarded your port!

Wow this is such a great help. Thank you so much!

Turf Installation
A list of possibilities ought to appear. It has a table of contents for the ports in a section titled "Add new forwarding rule." Type "gmodserver" to find the name of this new forwarding "rule". Next, the "Starting Port" and "Ending Port" fields should both be set to "27015."


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