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Vital Alpha Testo Cardio for weight loss (like any other physical activity) is effective only if the diet is negative in calories. And the growth of muscle mass is necessarily associated with excess calories. That is, weight loss occurs only when we spend more calories than we consume, and muscle growth - on the contrary. Fat burning and gaining muscle mass are two different physiological processes. A short cardio load is useless even for weight loss. The first 20 minutes the body uses energy derived from food as fuel. A cardio session aimed at fat burning should last 45-60 minutes. Walking on the track for 15-20 minutes in the hope of losing weight after a workout to gain mass, it makes no sense. The main disadvantage of cardio-loss of muscle tissue in the background of diet and fat-burning training. Many professionals completely abandon cardio for weight loss, replacing it with the implementation of strength exercises or perform them in conjunction with ultra-short cardio sessions . This allows you to lose weight and at the same time maintain muscle density and volume. Conclusion: you need to do cardio during weight gain, but only at the beginning of the workout as a warm-up and for a slow-down at the end. Gain weight and lose weight at the same time will not work Is it possible to gain weight at home? It is possible, but in its effectiveness, gaining mass at home will be inferior to training in the gym. The main reason is the inability to perform at home (in most cases) such basic exercises as squats and deadlift (Romanian). To pump up legs, training at home without racks for squats, barbells and a set of pancakes, does not work out. Improve the shape, strengthen, dry, yes, pump in volume - no. Training at home allows you to increase the volume of smaller muscle groups (chest, shoulders, latissimus, biceps, triceps and abs). Even with a small set of equipment, they can be pumped without visits to the gym. But it will be a local increase in muscles, it is extremely difficult to achieve a significant increase in body weight, doing at home. Conclusion: you can gain weight at home, but doing it in the gym is much easier, faster and most importantly - the increase in muscle volume will be more significant How to eat for weight gain? I talked about nutrition for mass gain in detail in my article of the same name , but if you put everything together in it, you get the following algorithm: Weight gain nutrition for men The diet should be in surplus. That is, calories must be consumed more than spent. Muscle growth begins only when this excess is from 300-400 kcal per day per 1 kg of weight that you want to gain. That is, if the body weight at this stage is 90 kg and you want to gain another 5, calories need to be gradually increased by 1500-2000 kcal.

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