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Celaxryn RX No relationship lasted more than a few months. After the next parting, she began to visit Monika more Celaxryn RX more often Celaxryn RX during each meeting she talked about her experiences Celaxryn RX dilemmas, analyzing her relationship in detail. Monika felt sorry for her friend, so she listened to her confessions Celaxryn RX tried to support Kasia in difficult times for her. When one day she protested, saying that she was already tired of eternally hearing her problems, Kasia was offended by her. During the next meeting Monika felt depressed Celaxryn RX confided in it to her friend, to which Kasia reacted in a dry Celaxryn RX casual way. Monika felt hurt Celaxryn RX abused. She decided to break contact with Kasia. During therapy she realized that almost always her close relationship was based on her over-commitment Celaxryn RX helping others. She received little in return. She understood that the emotional pattern that had formed in her childhood (desire to please her mother) meant that she chose people similar to her, Celaxryn RX did not receive support, because she neglected her own needs. The recipe for dealing with toxic people may be breaking contact with them. You can also try to heal the relationship by changing your behavior. When manipulations are noticed Celaxryn RX recognized, you can deal with them by unmasking them (saying, for example, "I don't like you controlling me", "That you feel unhappy doesn't justify your rudeness," "I'm not responsible for your life, well-being, etc.).

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