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Leptitox A standard 1-2-week vacation at Leptitox All Inclusive Hotel is too short a time to gain a lot of fat. But here Leptitox food in Leptitox resort area contains too much sugar, salt and fat. This means that it retains excess fluid in Leptitox body. Leptitox imbalance of "water" contributes to Leptitox use of alcohol, as well as dehydration, which occurs in many people after a long flight. Leptitox result of such nutrition can be “plus 5 kg” in 2 weeks. First aid after vacation Do your digestion. It is difficult to lose weight after a holiday just because of digestive disorders. Eat oatmeal for breakfast, add fresh apples to your snacks, and drink a glass of kefir for Leptitox night. Kefir should be Leptitox simplest, without sugar and fruit. Return to normal diet and diet. Be sure to have breakfast in Leptitox morning. To lose weight, you need Leptitox right breakfast , not a “cup of coffee and run.” After an hour or two after breakfast, have a snack with fruit or yogurt, in Leptitox middle of Leptitox day eat a meal rich in fiber and protein, for example, brown rice with seafood, and vegetable salad . A whole-wheat sandwich with chicken breast and vegetables is also suitable, provided that you do not use mayonnaise and fatty sauces for dressing. Eat something light - white fish with vegetables, cottage cheese with a few berries, but be sure to have an apple before dinner , pear and a small handful of nuts. Usually this kind of food removes cravings for sweets and salty in 3-4 days, but if you still have cravings and you eat chocolate and cookies, replace harmful sweet snacks with dried fruits, and chips with chopped straws and a little salted vegetables. Add 20-30 minutes of physical activity in Leptitox morning before breakfast, and 30-40 minutes of movement immediately after dinner. In Leptitox morning, you can do Leptitox most usual exercises, as you were taught at school, and in Leptitox evening, walk at a fast pace, ride a bicycle or roller skates, swim. If you were seriously engaged in fitness before Leptitox holidays, return to training in your usual mode, but choose 10- 15 minute set of exercises for charging.
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