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Custom Gamemode Issues
Server OS:Windows 10 64bit
Processor: fx6300 8cores?
Game(s): garrysmod
Start Up Command: start /wait srcds.exe -console -authkey B48A126546D3089A09CE023F05974933 +host_workshop_collection 1866735304 -game garrysmod +map cinema_theatron +maxplayers 30 +gamemode "friskies_cinema"
Admin Mods: ulx

Im trying to create a custom gamemode, everytime I try to run that gamemode it either tells me that the gamemode is not found. Or it doesnt work at all and just runs sandbox.

Couldn't change active gamemode - 'friskies_cinema' not found


The file is clearly there. Idk why its acting like a child.

ive tried:
+gamemode "friskies_cinema"
+gamemode friskies_cinema

Ive also put it in my autoexec and my server.cfg

the only thing that works is:

+gamemode cinema

but when it loads, its not my gamemode, its the default gamemode, and I dont have the default gamemode even loaded. its probably some steam workshop thing.

Also, I dont have a dedicated steam account, im logged in anonymously.

So i've exhausted all my resources, i have not come across a solution. Hope you guys can help out.

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