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tf2 MvM Server changes to wrong map on map vote
I'm currently running an MvM server with custom maps. I have set up a tf_missioncyclefile in tf/ which lists all of the maps and missions that the server will be using. Similarly I have also set up a mapcycle.txt file which simply holds a list of all the custom maps. The tf_missioncyclefile is also specified in my server.cfg.
Despite this however, whenever a player attempts to change the map via the standard map voting system, then regardless of their choice the map will always change to the first map listed in mapcycle.txt. If I remove mapcycle.txt, then the map always changes to cp_dustbowl (I assume this is because if no mapcycle file is specified then a default one is used).
It is very inconvenient that players on the server cannot use the standard voting system to select the map they want to play on. Any help would be greatly appreciated Smile
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