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Network Configuration of CSS/Srcds Linux Server
Hello ,

I have tried many things to fix my ping in the server but it is still unstable.

Linux server
4 cores i7 @ 3ghz + 16 GB ram and 80mbit upload link ... I still get choke and unstable pings on 25-30 players in the server.

my setting are :

//Bandwith / Rates / Performance

net_maxfilesize 65
net_maxfragments 1260
host_framerate 0
decalfrequency 10
sm_cvar sv_minrate 13500
sm_cvar sv_maxrate 80000
sm_cvar fps_max 0
sm_cvar sv_minupdaterate 66
sm_cvar sv_maxupdaterate 67
sm_cvar sv_mincmdrate 66
sm_cvar sv_maxcmdrate 67
net_splitpacket_maxrate 80000
sv_client_min_interp_ratio -1
sv_client_max_interp_ratio -1
sv_client_predict 1
sv_client_cmdrate_difference 1
sv_friction 4
sv_enableboost 0
sv_forcepreload 1
sv_allowminmodels 1

I used this :  to setup the connection but it gives me even worst results.

anybody can help me on this ?
Create a folder called srcds\_l (Thats a lower case L for linux!), usually done in your home directory, where you want to base your server installation and have all content stored.
Grab hldsupdatetool and put it in your srcds\_l directory you just created.
Make the hldsupdatetool executable via chmod.
chmod +x hldsupdatetool.bin
Run hldsupdatetool - This just extracts our steam client.
Say YES to agree to the following license prompt and your done.
Now we will run the Steam client to download the game content.
Two game types are available: - For CS: Source, its: "Counter-Strike Source" - For HL2: Deathmatch, its: "hl2mp" (HL2 Multiplayer, not HL2DM). To download CS: Source data files for a CS: Source server, type:
./steam -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir .(NOTE!!!!!: the . <==(period) after -dir, this means 'here' in terms of directory)
Hit ENTER and you should begin downloading the Counter-Strike Source data files in this directory (~/srcds\_l). This may take a while. Note: Contrary to what typing ./steam on its own indicates, you DO NOT need to specify OR create a Steam account to download/update your servers. This was originally a requirement but Valve have since removed it, and the help information has just not been removed from the Linux Steam client. Once its finished, you will be able to then launch your dedicated server, this will create our initial config file and test everything is ok.
Launching a dedicated server. We will launch a server with no determined config to see if everything was successful, and to create an initial config file in cstrike/cfg/server.cfg
Using our example from Step 5, to launch a CS: Source server you type:
./srcds\_run -console -game cstrike -port 27015 +ip +map de\_dust +maxplayers 14
Replace 'cstrike' in the above launch command with 'hl2mp' (MP! Not DM) to launch a HL2 Deathmatch server, dod for day of defeat source and tf for team fortress 2. Be sure to replace with the EXTERNAL IP you want your server to bind to, not the servers Internal/LAN IP. Congratulations, your server should now be running!
Edit your server configuration to your liking in cstrike/cfg/server.cfg If it does not exist, create it.

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