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CS GO - srcds crashes at start up
Server OS: Windows XP Professional SP3 32 bits
Processor: Celeron with 1.5 ghz ( single core )
Ram: 2gb
Game(s): Counter Strike Global Offensive
Start Up Command: -game csgo -console -usercon -port 27017 -debug
Admin Mods: Nothing

Hello everyone, i'm trying to set up a cs go comunitty 4fun server in one old dell laptop but the SRCDS crashes at start up ... thanks in advance ! let me start :

Windows XP Professional sp3 - 1,5ghz celeron - 2gb ram - dell latitude 120l
Note: I formatted this notebook and installed only the ethernet driver to internet connection.

The crash is fast in the console(1 or 2secs), but I could see it showing "#Console initialized" and a message telling the path of dump file saved, and then console disappear

Mdmp mini dump is detailed in the url:

Things done :

> Validated with app_update 740 again and again
>With -game csgo -console -usercon -port 27017 -debug ... ... (also tried with heapsize and other stuffs) , server token added too

> Problem happen even with/without meta mod and source mod installed
dude seriously on that system specs I won't even bother
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