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Player rate tracking system using Linux's firewall (iptables)
Find this from the
# monitoring
#  + Set to 1 to see what would happen. Nobody will be kicked or banned.

my %CONF = (
        logpath => "/home/user/ratetables/",
        sampleinterval => 10,
        bantime => 5,
        monitoring => 1
Then change "monitoring => 1" to "monitoring => 0".
oki i go test that
I think is doesn't work
How does it not work? Be more verbose.
No player kicked
Is this a dead project?

Did you try it? If you can't get it working, I can try to help + fix problems in the script + make it easier to use. Feedback is appreciated.
I've noticed that this system doesn't require any admin mod really. It works on a clean server. All you need is root access.

I've made some improvements to the system along the way, but I haven't got much feedback here. That's why I'd hope I could get more feedback from someone who has tried this. Essentially this is something that should be installed on every high-end server to make sure that all players are also high-end.

Here's a sample page which tells true rates of players: Not too many 66/s'ers even though that's what the server would like everyone to have.

Those interested can PM me or reply here. I will give first hand support for everyone.
Will fix my first +ip problem first and if it works il trye this to. I have metamod/sourcemod up and running nicely and im happy with it. What does not work with that combo?
Installed now. Will let you know how it works after this weekend

Are there any non-CS/CSS server admins who would like to give it a try?
css Wrote:OK.

Are there any non-CS/CSS server admins who would like to give it a try?

my server is a dods server and so far it works hyvin
Hehe.. works hyving (=well). Do you have the output of rates.html somewhere available?

I could publicly release the updated version soon.
Have not installed the newest versin yet. Im a bit slow nowdays...
If i change rate level to monitor against does i need to restart it?

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