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Are the forums dead?
I haven't been here for a few years, and all I can see now is threads created by bots that are laying for almost over a year, and not much of content made by actual humans.
If anybody is still visiting these forums and this thread wasn't pushed out of view due to spambots - why is this board a wasteland now, what happened? Everybody lost interest, moved on to Alliedmods, or what?
My English sucks, sry.

I have only been registered on this forum for a few days and I have also noticed that many of the posts are being written by bots and are actually promoting website etc. with no link to srcds.

Nevertheless, most of these accounts I have seen were banned so it shows that moderators are doing their job accordingly. But still, a lot of the recent posts are not srcds related. Maybe it would be a great idea to not only ban the accounts but also then delete the post, thread, topics whatever so that they don't take up place in the categories and genuine questions don't get forgotten ...

Anyways, hope this forum will remain and thrive.

Wish you all the best and have a good day!
Hi, I asked myself the same thing. Does anyone know what forum to join? Where all the people moved to? Would be great full to know. Maybe someone can help

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