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Client vs server issue

New to posting here, and not sure if this post is even relevant to this.

I run a CSGO srcds server, it works a treat, its a virtual server, windows 2012 r2. Sourcemod and Metamod loaded etc.

We have a small issue, the server is password protected, ALL clients connecting have not issues, one player gets and error when connecting,

rejectConnection: - #Vavle_Reject_Bad_Password.

Now he is the only person connecting to the server that gets this and he is using the correct password. He has re-installed, steam and csgo with no joy. And tried other things.

When I remove the password from the server he connects without issue but the minute I add a password on it fails with that message, even if I try and change the password. I am very sure the issue is with his client but he has run out of idea's, so have I frankly.

Has anyone experienced this?

Thanks in advance for you help.


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