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The Chinese B2C websites take the use of SEM marketing
The Chinese B2C websites take the use of SEM marketing

The B2C websites take the good use of SEM marketing

Excellence, Dangdang take the use of search engines to promote the business of B2C website has accumulated a wealth of successful experience.
These web sites put millions of costs in the field of search engines every year, while also getting a huge return.
Their input in the field of search engines are in the top ten of China's list.

As a hundreds of thousands of key words on the management, these two companies in addition to a huge amount of promotional costs, but also to pay a lot of management costs to continue to modify, adjust the key words.
Two B2C sites have a corresponding strategy to manage the specific search engine.
Overall, the Excellence in the search engine's investment scale, and many other aspects of keyword selection is better than DangDang.
But we should also see, and numerous smaller than excellence, Dangdang B2C website on the use of search engine promotion of the website business, did not get good effect, which is the other B2C website need to consider.
Brand zone model - mainly for large brand customers, both for brand communication, but also can directly develop e-commerce business.

Chinese search engine of the media development, as well as in the process of the main service for the big brand advertising, the formation of a unique way of advertising, namely, "brand area" model.
The search engine according to the requirements of brand advertisers, recently released detailed information to display in the list of results left first, and in the right position show sponsor links consistent brand graphic advertising.
This model for large brand advertisers, on the one hand to meet the precise information dissemination needs of its paid search advertising, on the other hand to meet its demand for a brand image through the graphic advertising.

Compass is a consulting & service agency for the corporations to enter Chinese market.
We can provide the one-stop services of investment inspection & business connection, collaborator recruiting & sales agent recruiting, mall entry, intellectual property protection, offline advertising, purchasing & Logistics, Chinese website design & promotion, and business translation.
If you corporation are interested in Chinese market and need help, please contact Compass.
Our specially-assigned staff will reach you within 24 hours.

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I honestly find the contents of this blog super informative and interesting at the same time. You can find them on the powerline blog. I personally am looking forward to more of their contents like this one in the future.

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