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Need help with CS:GO server
Hi guys,
I have a few CS:GO servers with which I have some kind of weird problem.

Before latest patch everything was working perfectly. People were playing on those servers and everything was fine. After that patch, all my servers are "down". I wrote "down in "" because in fact, bots are playing on those servers. The only thing is that no one can connect to them and they are not visible in community servers browser in game (internet tab, favourite tab etc).

I checked all files and everything is up to date. I checked sv_quota_stringcmdspersecond. I don't know what else to do now. I checked logs and there are no errors connected with tokens. No errors after server update. Like everything is fine. I tried updating server manually, restarting it etc, nothing helps.

I used this link to check servers response:
But this is what is shows after pasting my server IP:
PHP Code:

"response": { 
"servers": [ 


If you need any more specific info - just ask below. I will be greatfull if someone help me. They are off for over a week now :/

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