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Autorestart server on changelevel to broken map
Hi Guys,

Since a few days I'm running a SRCDS (CS:GO) on my Windows server.
The intention is to run some custom maps, so from time to time there will be some broken maps and they are crashing the server, because some related/required files are missing.

I've everything set-up in by batch (.bat) script to automatically restart the server in case of crash/failure, and in some scenarios this works perfect.
But, when for example changing the map to fy_iceworld_csgo, the servers opens a popup first to display the error, which need to be closed first before the script can continue.

Is there any way around this, auto close popup or dont open a popup?
When changing the map to fy_iceworld_csgo, the following crash occurs
[Image: 2vkokNJVJ6ePaOCOTM3UBZBYlHTAtIQJDBTCrUdL...=1600x1200]

When I close this, or click one of the ignore buttons, the batch script continues and my server restarts.
I'd like this click/close to happen automatically, is this possible?
Please not that the always ignore button does not work.

I've also uploaded the broken iceworld map here:

Thanks for feedback guys!

Kind Regards,
Have you tried adding -nocrashdialog to your commandline?

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