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TF2 FastDL Issue!
Dear community,

This is a problem that has bugged me the past few weeks in trying to set up a FastDL server for my tf2 servers. I have hosted an average of 6-7 tf2 servers daily on stock maps without any custom files for a few months now, previously having rented a game server online before moving to locally hosting.

Right now, I've got a working FastDL Server ( I know it's a nameserver, but I'm testing stuff while waiting for DNS propagation, but that should not ever affect anything.

This is the stuff in my server config file (cfgorange.cfg on my system, different cfg files for different SourceMod installs):

sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1
sv_maxfilesize 100

When I start up my server, and type sv_downloadurl in my console, it returns "sv_downloadurl" = "http:" (def:"")

So, something somehow is commenting the rest of the url by the double forward slash in http://. Please help me, I'm really stuck like I've never been. It's not my FastDL server problem, fastdl works normally when i manually change sv_downloadurl in my console.

I am running OS X EI Capitan.


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