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GMOD - Srcds.exe stuck on a message.
Srcds.exe stuck on "Network: IP, mode MP..."
My srcds is stuck on this message:

What to do?
i guess reinstall .....
can you help me with port forwarding btw go to my post if you can
(01-29-2016, 03:25 AM)LeafyisBeafy Wrote:  can you help me with port forwarding btw go to my post if you  can

Is that all you can give me? Reinstall?

And no, I cannot help you with port forwarding as the way I do it involves bash programming.
Nothing? This is an entire forum for srcds!
Still nothing.
New news:
This only happens when using the console version (but I need to use it since I need to set the workshop collection)
SRCDS on Windows launches a new console window, so you can't access it through the same command prompt / console it was launched in.
If it's even possible to access its console window without a graphical session is outside the scope of my knowledge.

For reference, mine contains the following:
start srcds.exe -game tf +map koth_nucleus +maxplayers 24 -autoupdate -console +port 27016 +tv_enable 1 +tv_delay 0 +tv_transmitall 1
Well thanks but, uh.. this was 4 years ago Toungue.

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