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Linux dedicated server crashes

I recently bought an OVH dedicated game server to host my Garry's Mod server, I installed linux Debian 8.1 on it.
My server is running fine and all of a sudden it crashes. It might be this error popping up every second:
Quote:!! ERROR: bad, input/output link:
!! logic_timer(datime,RefireTime) doesn't match type from logic_timer(datime)

I've seen most servers running on OVH with no problem.
It might also be the fact that i installed a desktop (xfce4) on the server.

Could it be the error or the xfce4?
I have eventually found the problem. There is an undocumented ini parameter called bAgreeToCrashUpload which needs to be set to true in LinuxEngine.ini

If you look in LinuxAArch64Engine.ini you can see this parameter is already set to true. Copy those two lines into LinuxEngine.ini and it should start producing crash reports as expected!
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