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Syncing files between SRCDS instances
Hi everyone!

My name is CultureCoder and I own a Source server network, and the servers that get the most players are always the Team Fortress 2 ones.

Our servers are running on Windows Server 2008, and we need a system to sync the ban list and the SourceMod configs between all of the SRCDS instances. I tried using a Microsoft utility named SyncToy, but that didn't like our setup and didn't copy files that already existed, even if they had been updated / had bigger file sizes.

Is there a tool that anybody uses that would be able to provide this functionality? I tried to use a symbolic link, but that confused me. I tried to use Sourcebans but I don't have a webserver and my ISP blocks HTTP traffic to clients on its network. I installed it on a free server but it wouldn't contact the SQL database properly and I just removed it.

Thanks for any help and insight you could give me into this situation.

(i'm not sure if this is in the right forum so please feel free to move it if you are a moderator)

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