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Unable to connect over internet, server is directly connected to internet
Hello, I have been having an issue with my CS:GO server for the last few days and cannot find any information that fixs my issue. For server management / administration I am using this application.

Server OS: Ubuntu Server 14.04
Processor: Dual Xeon 2.7ghz (don't know exact model)
Ram: 8gb ecc
./srcds_run -game csgo -usercon -ip -port 27015 +net_public_adr +sv_setsteamaccount MYGSLT -tickrate 128 +map de_dust2 +servercfgfile +game_mode 1 +game_type 0 -net_port_try 1

Server.cfg -
// Server Name
hostname "my server name"

// RCON Password
rcon_password "mypassword"

// Server Password
sv_password "myrcon"

// Server Logging
log on
sv_logbans 1
sv_logecho 1
sv_logfile 1
sv_log_onefile 0
sv_lan 0

exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg

I have verified my firewall settings and modem port settings. The box is also hosting other applications on the server as well and they work perfectly fine with no issue. I have tried changing CS:GO connection ports with no effect.

This is the output from console when I try to connect to the server;
Server using 'friends' lobbies, requiring pw yes, lobby id ffffffffffffffff
You cannot connect to this CS:GO server because it is restricted to LAN connections only.

The server and I are not connected to the same network. Thank you in advanced!

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