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[HELP] 64 Slots server Rates.
Hallo everybody i have some issue with my 64 Slot server: Some players need rly long to download (may Maps) cuase the rates issue ... and some player get kicked with the info: (Your Client has failed to reply in a query time please recon) and thats actually a great problem for my server cause i lose so many players because this ... i rly be thankfull if you guys can help me out !Smile) (ps: im new here and as well im new at having a server etc ;c) Sorry for my English im an russian girl c: dont be mad with me if i did something wrong have patience with me Smile

Operating-Mod: Sourcemod/Metamod.

Game: Counter-Strike:Source

Addon/MOD/Plugin: Zombie:reloaded 3.1

Server IP:

System: OS type: Linux 3.X/2.6 Kernel (126), cpu:_ 3 sockets, 2 cores, 6GB Ram (vm over proxmox)

Upload-speed: 1gbit

//Bandwidth Rates
sv_minrate "10000"
sv_maxrate "25000"
decalfrequency "30"
sv_minupdaterate "33"
sv_maxupdaterate "66"
sv_mincmdrate "33"
sv_maxcmdrate "66"
sv_client_cmdrate_difference "33"

all my stuff already in bzip2 in the FastDL server:

gf. Lilith 3Smile

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