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Dedicated server crashing even with no addons
Yeah im having this problem for about a month now and cant find a fix anyhelp? :/

So this is the mdmp file when it crashes when i have completely no addons at all for my server including admin system and prop protection

and this mdmp file is when it crashes with addons in the server

I asked for help on some other forum and they said to disabled pp but it still crashes
so i started scrds again but it crashed AGAIN 10 minutes after - latest mdmp file Sad
- check your CPU/RAM usage from mcmyadmin. If your RAM usage is spiking to the max or if your CPU usage is often/permanently around or above 80-100% then something is abnormal.

- While you get lags go to your fragnet control panel and use the "log viewer" to "stream" your server.log file. Check if there are errors and if they are mentionning plugins/mods. Disable /reinstall the plugins/mods erroring. Then restart server and make sure there are no errors either during server startup.

- if you are running mods / plugins disable them. If the problems are over without mods / plugins then enable your mods / plugins progressively until your issues come back so you will know last enabled mod / plugin is the cause. You can then try to update or reinstall it.
If you are running a beta/development release of a mod (like bukkit) this is at your own risk and we recommend to NOT run these as it may damage your world as well as cause lags due to broken/unfinished code, bugs and plugins uncompatibilities.

- start your server on another (fresh) world:

Edit your file and rename level-name then restart server to generate a new world. If the issues are gone then your world is most likely corrupt. You can Then try to restore a backup or if you don't have any run a world fix from your control panel to attempt to fix corrupt chunks.
If you have multiple worlds load them one by one.

After doing the above steps if you were not able to fix the issue submit a ticket with a summary of what you have done already. Also submit your test results and logs errors + CPU/RAM usage values.
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