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Servers randomly freeze
I am currently running 5 TF2 servers on another computer. Here are the specs:

Windows 7
Intel Pentium E6600
6 Gigs ram
Mods: Sourcemod

After the recent tf2 update (I guess its halloween) my servers randomly freeze. Usually, they will restart itself when the program has stopped working. But this time, nothing is said in the console and the console just frooze (can't input anything). Then my server just disconnects everyone.
This happens after a few hours or during map changes. I have updated metamod and sourcemod to the latest snapshot and the server files.

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: I found out that srcds.exe will freeze when it is "ignoring unreasonable position from entity tf_dropped_weapon(vphysics.dll)"

EDIT2: I replaced vphysics.dll with an older version one, but no luck.


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