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srcds_linux 99% CPU usage!
As you can see below, my TF2 server after a few hours online, starts using 99 % CPU and the lag is huge even with low ping.

I'm using an instance in Amazon AWS t2.small, 2GB de RAM, Intel Xeon 2.5Ghz. I believe Amazon AWS limit of 20% using an Intel Xeon.

Has anyone had the same problem? It can be the Amazon limits or misconfiguration?

[Image: srcds_linux.png]
srcds is a nice little program that allows you to get statistics about your system’s CPU usage. It also has some nice features like thread lock monitoring. But make no mistake, srcds is not a replacement for real-time monitoring of your system’s CPU usage. The problem with srcds at the moment is that it’s window-based. Also you can read more to manage your business easily. It’s window-based because, well, it’s a window-based program. That means it’s not very useful if you’re running srcds on a laptop, which is

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