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Ran into a problem with a new VPS provider, hoping someone here will have an answer since the company's support hasn't exactly given me a straight answer. Here the story:

Ive recently dipped my toe into the battleground that is gmod, and of course all the kiddlets with $5 booters came out of the woodwork to attack all night/day. So i went with a new provider for this darkrp server, which offers ddos protected VPS's. Overall speeds are great, love the vm, but the problem i'm having atm is that none of the servers i install on this machine show up on the steam masterserver list.

The game servers themselves run fine, connectable and everything, even gametracker has no problem detecting them, but the master server listings seem to be problematic. I have the same setup on atleast 8 different VPS's (centos 6 64bit w/opengamepanel) and none of them have had this problem.

Any suggestions?
I have the same problem. But with a cs:go server.

It's not showing up on the in-game list or steam's list.
But it works fine when connecting via the console. And it runs on a VPS (digital ocean).

Did you ever solve your problem?

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