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SRCDS :GO: May only connect through a lobby.
Hello there people!
I really haven't been hosting since CS:Source so this GO hosting is a bit new to me I feel theres a few differences. Big Grin

I'm hosting a 1v1 Arena with SRCDS in csgo and it doesnt work a 100% right..
Number 1. You may only connect from a lobby. (sometimes my friends is able join and the error does not show)
(I googled it and found a command, sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 saw it at 2-3 different posts but it didnt work..(Unknown command)
[Image: 2dvpheh.jpg]

[Image: 2njfy4l.jpg] (Server console)

Number 2. I had downloaded a few maps on to my server and when my friend was able to join it said some error about it didnt know the path for the maps to download..?
The first file was downloaded without a problem he said, the next i guess it was the .bsp wasnt?
Also I set the maptime to 0 but it's on the map for like 10-15 minutes? Toungue

Number 3. I tried searching for my server on the CSGO server browser so see if it was to be found there, but it wasn't really..
[Image: 98ye50.jpg] (On LAN search)
[Image: 25hn6ms.jpg] (INTERNET search I only find a russian server running the exact same map as mine..)
[Image: 23gxqw5.jpg] (Favorites) also IP is shown..

I'd like to take this on Steam/Skype and I'll provide a Teamviewer session of the server station to try and get a better view of it.

Many thanks and best regards!
ayyy anyone?
Steam z1teqcss skype zice11
Can you possibly send the console log, in text ?
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Yes ofc I am not home now but I will send as I come home.
You can also add me on steam z1teqcss or Skype zice11
Thanks a lot suzma
You are added now, just message me when you got time Smile
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