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Only I Can't Join My Server
Hi all!

It is my first time creating source server for CS GO.

It is build on pc connected to router (dlink) via wi-fi.

Ports forwarded:
TCP 27015, 27016
UDP 27005,27015-27020,51840

batch file: srcds +login anonymous -game csgo -console -usercon -ip -port 27015 +net_public_adr +game_type 0 +game_mode 0 +mapgroup mg_active +map de_dust2 -autoupdate

Everything seems to be alright, players can find and join server via browsing community servers, my friends can join using routers IP, but I CAN'T!
Server is shown on LAN server list, also I can find it on global servers list but cannot connect. It shows connection failed after 10 retries. Also I can't connect using local IP.

Any ideas? I feel it could be routers configuration problem.
Are you able to join other servers?
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