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I need help understanding why i cannot download custom files
I have placed three custom sound .mp3 files in this directory:


The custom folder mentioned in the directory above is located in the same folder as gameinfo.txt.

This is a line I have placed inside my gameinfo.txt

game+mod |gameinfo_path|custom/meowmod/sound/

When i type path into my server console it shows these two lines:

"home/michael/cstrikeserver/cstrike/cstrike/custom/meowmod/sound/" "GAME"
"home/michael/cstrikeserver/cstrike/cstrike/custom/meowmod/sound" "mod"

When these show up I assume that I have setup my gameinfo.txt correctly. (maybey this is the cause?)

I need the most help with my whitelist cfg file this is what i have

// Allow custom player models.
models\player\... any
materials\models\player\... any

// Allow custom spray decals.
materials\temp\... any
materials\vgui\logos\... any
materials\vgui\logos\ui\... any
sound\gong1.mp3 allow_from_disk+check_crc
custom\meowmod\sound\gong1.mp3 allow_from_disk+check_crc
sound\meowmod\gong1.mp3 allow_from_disk+check_crc

I have the server setup with sv_pure 1 already but I am really confused as to what to actually place into my whitelist.

As you can see it almost looks like im putting random stuff in it and mabye this is the cause...

I know it isn't working because I have checked my local steam client files and the three sound files on my server are not in my download folder.

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