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Server Hosting Issue
I live in South Korea, Asia. I've been attempting to host my server and constantly running into issues. (After I realized there were no decent HS lobbies in East Asia.)

First time around I couldn't connect using the steamcmd gui, unless I set it on LAN. (I have no clue where and how to use the "srcds" commands as it did not work in the steam gui.) Second time around I started the server using the program with classic dedicated server art, when disabling console mode. I was able to connect but friends not. Hosting other games works just fine, IE Minecraft.

Would appreciate all the help I can get.

P.S. I use a laptop to host and tower to play as my Intel server is currently not working.

Server OS: Windows 7 32bit
Processor:Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T5550 @ 1.83GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.8GHz
Ram: 4096MB
Game(s): Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Start Up Command: (Use STEAMCMDgui(?))
Admin Mods: NA

Router: A Korean model called (iptime). Model shouldn't matter as they all have the same interface.
Local IP of Server:
External IP:
Port Forwarding Screen Shot:
Are you able to put +ip to the start up line? If you want to double check your ports, then use this website:
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Server starts on the correct IP. According to that site every single port times out, including 80?

EDIT: I got port 80 to be open, but 27015 is still unresponsive.

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