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How to create a Day of Deafeat Source Dedicated Server with SteamCMD
hey I wanted to create a dedicated version for a pirated version of Day of Defeat Source for me and my friends to play. Unfortunately the tutorial in this forum is outdated because it uses HLS to download the DODS server files or something. However HLS I can't get the files because as soon as I use the command prompt to download the dods files through HldsUpdateTool.exe, I get a message saying Checking bootstrapper version ..., Getting version 51 of Steam HLDS Update Tool. And then it exits. So I looked around and found that you can no longer download the files through HLS and you have to use SteamCMD, however I can't get it to work. I've used the tutorial by valve but there are some things that confuse me, so can you please tell me how to make a Dedicated Server for Day of Defeat Source with SteamCMD instead of HLS? Detailed please!! Cheers Smile
You have to use SteamCMD. The id for Day of Deafeat Source is "232290". I am sure you are able to find a tutorial for SteamCMD on this forum Smile
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