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Gmod Port Forwarding
I was trying to port forward my sandbox server and i dont know how to do this. The video's i watched were all other Setups. I have frontier and this is what i do. I click Port forwarding, Click Add, Under select a Existing Service/Rule i click create (i looked for existing services, and i found Counter strike and HL2. I dont know if those work). next=
Protocol=Tcp,udp,or both

Clueless and i have been trying for hours.

I do not know the specific answer to your problem.

However, since the question is pretty old, I figured that maybe the problem had been solved in the meantime.

I could only advise you to maybe try it with the services of CS and HL2 to see if the problem persists there also and so is general or if it works, then the problem is local on HL (since I figured it was what you were trying to get working) ...

So if you found a way to make everything work, I would highly appreciate getting an update from you on how to solve the problem.

At any rate, have a great day!
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