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Windows var vs Linux var

I've noticed something that I can't quite explain
First the hardware:

2 x 8GB DDR3-1600@CAS 8
Intel 330 120GB SSD

Did a fresh install of windows 8 - did all the updates and driver updates.
if I install steamcmd and a CS:GO dedicated server and then proceed to start the server it will hover at around 0.250-0.300 var no matter what I do, I can launch multiple servers and they'll do the same thing, hover at around 0.250 to 0.300.

Now if I wipe it and install Centos on the exact same hardware and then proceed to install a CS:GO dedicated server and launch it, it will hover at around 0.000 var

Both is 128tick servers

This really bothers me - Am I missing something in windows or is it just default windows behaviour?

Kind regards

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