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SourceBans not loading on Gaming Server
Server OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit
Processor: It's a virtual machine, so I just know its a dual core, which I believe is hyper-threaded at 4 threads.
Ram: 2 GB RAM
Game(s): Currently Counter-Strike Source,     also running TF2 servers, not sure if that's working or not.
Start Up Command: start command is:
screen -A -m -d -S office office/srcds_run -console -game cstrike -port 27015 +ip (ip of server) +servercfgfile configfile.cfg +map cs_office +maxplayers 24
Admin Mods: I am running Sourcemod, metamod, and trying to get sourcebans to run. You guys may not know this, but I figured I would give it a shot.

hostname Twilight Equilibrium 24/7 Office
rcon_password 6303532AB
exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg
exec bots.cfg
mp_logdetail 0
mp_timelimit 0
mp_autokick 1
mp_autoteambalance 1
mp_c4timer 30
mp_flashlight 0
mp_footsteps 1
mp_freezetime 3
mp_friendlyfire 0
mp_hostagepenalty 4
mp_limitteams 1
mp_roundtime 4
mp_tkpunish 0
sv_restartround 1
sv_maxspeed 320
mp_startmoney 1600
sv_allowupload 1
sv_voiceenable 1
sv_alltalk 0
mp_falldamage 0
sv_cheats 0
sv_lan 0
sv_minrate 13000
sv_maxrate 25000
sv_minupdaterate 33
sv_maxupdaterate 67
sv_mincmdrate 33
sv_maxcmdrate 67

The only other config that I really run is the bots.cfg:
// Bot Basics

bot_join_after_player 0
bot_difficulty 1
bot_chatter off
bot_quota 20
bot_quota_mode fill
bot_allow_rogues 0
bot_prefix "[TwilightE]"
bot_join_team any
bot_allow_grenades 1
bot_allow_machine_guns 0
bot_allow_pistols 1
bot_allow_rifles 1
bot_allow_shotguns 1
bot_allow_snipers 0
bot_allow_sub_machine_guns 1
bot_auto_follow 1
bot_auto_vacate 1
bot_eco_limit 1600

I know that these use mysql, have that installed on my website, and in my databases.cfg I have

"driver"    "mysql"
"host"      ""     <---- also had this set to the IP of the website
"database" "sourcebans"
"user"       "username"
"password"    "password"
"port"       "3306"

I have tried opening port 3306 on the game server just to try it, so I am unsure where to go at this point.
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