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Can't use kill/explode commands on TF2 server
Hey, first post here.

I've recently set up a Linux Deathrun server and everything seems to be working how I want it to except one thing. Typing kill or explode in the console while playing does nothing. I'm not sure if it's plugin related or not. I've gone through config files trying to see if there any variables that could affect this to no avail.

Plugins on the server are:
Metamod 1.10.4
Sourcemod 1.6.3
tf2items (release-6a9c7c464c4d ?)
Thirdperson 2.1.0
Weapon Limiter 0.6.0
Deathrun 1.2.1
Player Respawn 1.5
So I worked it out. Turns out it's the deathrun plugin itself. The creator is a bit lazy.
There are 2 lines of code that disable 'kill', 'explode' and 'retry' for whatever reason. (Plans to disable hale from suiciding?)

The lines doing this are
AddCommandListener(BlockCommand, "kill");
AddCommandListener(BlockCommand, "explode");
AddCommandListener(BlockCommand, "retry");

To rectify this I downloaded the source code here, removed the lines above and compiled the plugin here.

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