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Server networking fun
Server OS:
Ubuntu Server 14.04.1
2 vCPU
Team Fortress 2 MvM (27016) and Vanilla (27015)
Start Up Command:
Vanilla Server
./tf2/srcds_run -game tf +sv_pure 1 +randommap +maxplayers 24 +ip +servercfgfile server.cfg
MvM Server
./tf2/srcds_run -game tf +ip +port 27016 +sv_pure 1 +randommap +maxplayers 32 +mapcyclefile mapcycle_mvm.txt +servercfgfile server_mvm.cfg
Admin Mods:

The problem:
Hi all

Have an interesting problem trying to host TF2 on linux, and probably would have the same issue using Windows. This seems to cause the server to not appear in the ingame server browser.

Our network does not route things like most do. The incoming traffic comes in via a F5 ( with 27015 configured to foward to the internal server (
The internal server however does not break out via the F5, it goes via a firewall ( which is how the connection to the masterbrowser which is now trying to verify but that is not listening for any connections on 27015.
I was told flat I will not get incoming in via all incoming traffic must go via an F5. Company policy and all that :-|

Any idea on how I can tell the Valve servers that I am actually listening on for incoming connections.

I took a chance and tried adding +ip but that obviously didn't work

I am waiting for our network group guys to look into this but any other ideas would be welcome as they have enough on their plates.

Basic Network Diagram

Firewall Ports
Egress Configured on the Internet Breakout firewall
UDP / TCP 27000-27050
UDP 4380
UDP 3478
UDP 4379
UDP 4380

Ingress Configured on the F5
TCP / UDP 27015-27020

Adding more info
Bandwidth is not an issue Smile
F5 and Cisco Catalyst
Local IP :
External IP : Against company policy to publish, pm me for it

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